MIT & Rice Develop Paper Thin Bullet Proof Armor

OK, so I talked about James Bond the other day and spy gear so in keeping with that topic Scientists from MIT look as if they developed bullet proof material made from paper thin composite nanomaterials. Here’s the “but”…they haven’t been able to reliably test such materials against projectile impacts. MIT and Rice are working together so here’s what I don’t understand. We are in Houston, just like Rice, and there is no end to the supply of guns and shooting ranges here.  We are literally tripping over them.  So to say they can’t find any means they haven’t been out of their Ivory Towers lately to get on the World Wide Web to find any.

That aside…they have tested on smaller objects that can theoretically be scaled up to do the same as a bullet or larger. Just phenomenal work as I can see this application for presidents, diplomats, soldiers, etc.  Limitless. They haven’t figured out how to stop the blunt trauma a bullet or other object would cause but I don’t think that’s their problem. Solutions will be found.  The main job of something like they have produced is to stop the bullet from penetrating vital organs and it looks they are on the path to accomplish that. Here is the entire article: