A new way to look at Monocrystalline nano silicon

With a growing product catalog, SSNano has been able to play a unique role in industrial and commercial sectors for years. With a variety of Nanopowders and Micron powders, Rare Earth Metals, Nanotubes and Graphenes, the range of different applications we support is on the rise. However there are few that offer the versatility that can be found in our Monocrystalline silicon powder. Useful in everything from electronics to drug delivery technology, it is not surprising that there are new applications being discovered on a consistent basis. See exactly what makes this product unique, how to take advantage of it’s special properties, and how to order yours through SSNano.

What is Monocrystalline Silicon Powder?
Composed of spherical silicon particles, this fine yellow-brown powder comes in a range of sizes. As SSNano, we develop 200 to 300 nm and 1 um silicon powder for use in nanoparticle research. The substance is valued for its unique electric and optic properties, and its popularity among researchers is on the rise as new applications and improvements in the powder itself continue to be discovered. One of the most recently discovered applications is in Lithium-ion batteries, where it is able to significantly boost performance.

Endless Applications
Highly versatile, there are new uses for Monocrystalline Silicon Powder discovered every year. See what new and surprising applications it has in store for you. And if you have further questions about the ways this special substance can be used, get in touch at 281-870-1700.

Lithium-Ion Batteries
It is the unique nano structure of our silicon powder that allows it to offer such a dramatic enhancement to lithium-ion batteries. Boosting battery storage by a factor of three, this product seeks to change the face of battery production as we know it. As research continues, who knows what new potential will be unlocked.


It is our products that give Silicon Valley its name, playing a role in precision electronics for years. Our silicon powder offers unique properties for manufacturing and production purposes within the industry, and has a long history of research to back it up.

Whether you are working with aesthetic design, biomedicine, or solar energy research, the optical properties of monocrystalline silicon powder are extremely useful. The quantum effects and electron confinement of the material is what lends it it’s unique properties and continued relevance in a variety of fields.

Solar Cells
Special optical and conductive properties allows our silicon powder to play a key role in the production of various types of solar cells. As we continue to understand the specific properties of this material, we will be able to further improve its cost and efficiency.

Looking to the Future
What makes Monocrystalline Silicon and the rest of our product catalog so exciting is that there are new applications being discovered constantly. Their newfound use in lithium-ion batteries for example was only discovered in the past few years, and researchers believe there are still more hidden benefits to unlock. And as new and different uses for our products continue to be unearthed, we will continue to provide the same exemplary quality and service that we have come to be known for.

How to Order
Our monocrystalline silicon powder is sold in 25 g and 100 g quantities and can be shipped across the globe with reliable service and on-demand technical assistance. Our expert staff is able to answer any and all questions about the product, so do not hesitate to get in touch. You can place your order right now through our website, or contact our customer service team for additional questions.