Battlefield – The War for Materials

The economy, believe it or not, feels like it is heating up. There are also shortages in key rare earth materials that many manufacturers, stateside and beyond, are feeling the pain.

A survey done by our firm recently on an otherwise non-eventful material showed that nobody in God’s green planet had it available. At least not in any worthwhile quantities. Is it China? Is it the economy?  The answer is…….

Both. China’s restrictions have made it more difficult to obtain some materials but manufacturing that has been lean and mean over the last few years now needs to make some products.  They need those raw materials. Since mob thinking prevails, each company is essentially doing the same thing causing problems in some identifiable areas and materials. A lot of companies asking for one material at the same time creates a shortage. Couple that in with lower supply available (or difficult supply) then creates a sort of juggernaut. Granted, it’s not good business to stockpile inventory like a squirrel in winter but when the good times roll you better have a chair when the music stops or you risk the chance of being out of the game when everyone else is making money.  This is better known as first mover’s advantage.

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