What business are we in???

At SkySpring Nanomaterials we are in the service business. If we don’t give great service and products to our customers we don’t get repeat customers.. If our customers don’t buy from us we can’t turn the lights on. So although some might feel we are in the element, metal, or rare earth type of business….we are not. We are in the service business.

I’m making an assumption here and typically these do not turn out well for me but I’m a slow learner so here goes….the assumption is that our customers don’t want to spend a lot of time buying elements, compounds, or rare earth materials. What they want is the solution for their situation. If they need the product to manufacture, or polish, or coat they need the product at a fair price in a certain amount of time. Once they experience that with us they expect the same the next time. After a while, they know they can count on us.

The point I wish to stress is that even though we are a manufacture of certain powders, metals and elements we are actually on the other end of that email, phone, or computer. Our success is dependent on your success. So if we can be that value add to your business and one of those aspects of your business that you don’t need to worry about, we appreciate that. I guess all of us have favorite suppliers for whatever reason and we just hope we are or can compete to be one of your favorite suppliers.

So while many in our industry consider themselves in the element or metal business, we consider ourselves in the service business. It just happens we also manufacture and sell powders, compounds and rare earth materials.


Diamonds are High Purity Elements

High purity elements are much different than their lower purity counterparts. Let’s put it this way…imagine you are buying a diamond ring. What’s important to you with this diamond ring?

1. Size
2. Clarity
3. Cut
4. Color

All facets of the diamond are determined first and foremost by the quality, or purity of it. If a diamond has a lot of impurities, you will see that in the clarity. If it impure the color will be off. The price paid for a 1 carat great looking diamond from Tiffany’s is a lot different than what is purchased for industrial use for that same 1 carat.

The same holds true for the high level purity of elements. If you are testing, researching, or making great products you need the highest quality elements. If not, those impurities might be devalue your product, cloud your research results, or ruin your tests.

You can get high purity elements always at www.ssnano.com and for diamond nanoparticles  you can find here.

Erbium Oxide – Er2O3

Erbium Oxide is an important colorant in glasses and porcelain enamel glazes. High purity Erbium Oxide are widely applied as dopant in making optical fiber and amplifiers.

What this means is that the Erbium Oxide is part of the process to make the colors and have them appear vibrant. It also is a wonderful amplifier in the optical transmission process. It’s not just enough for an element or material to be able to offer light emissions (in the case of fiber optics) but it must do this at the correct wavelength as well, besides handling the physical attributes to handle temperatures and weather conditions.

What you didn’t perhaps know about Erbium Oxide is that it is a rare earth material (Erbium is the rare earth element) and despite the fact that it is a rare earth material it is, in fact, found in abundance. Even thought it is found in abundance the process to extract Erbium from any other materials is often difficult and costly. So the term may be misleading the but end result of it’s name being rare is true after all.¬† The next time you are on the phone long-distance and they sound like they are next door perhaps it’s Good ‘Ol Erbium Oxide that made it all possible.

Erbium and Erbium Oxide can be found at ssnano.com